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Pain in my back already?

I've had the pleasure of visiting some very interesting blogs, mixing poetry/ prose with running (one that stuck with me, due to its unusual name, was "A blog about nothing"). I'm all for that mix!

I've done more studying than running these past few days. I have found excuses..the weather, the cold, my fatigue after work. The main thing actually has some truth to it...my BACK has hurt after the last run. How can this be? I'm 25, in good shape, never had back problems, my shoes are comfortable, I have acceptable posture...But the pain in my back has been so bizarre and persistent! I feel it sometimes in the bone, other times in the muscles. It is pretty hard to sit for 8 hours..I am far from complaining...just wondering why this is happening:) And whether I should run or not. I want to and I think I will, since it's sunny today.

You should run. You should also do yoga. And the best one for the back is Bikram. I am bias though. Back before my running days I did some martial arts and had managed to get 2 herniated disks (no, I don't think you have it). After a bunch of PT, drugs, shots and scheduling surgery, I went for Bikram yoga. I don't believe in miracles, but after 3 months I cancelled on surgery, after another 3 I ran first 5k, and a year later I was pain free and training for a marathon. I later was teaching Bikram as my side job for 2 years. I miss it a lot:)
If not yoga - stretch your back (twisting postures, down dog to start).

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog, A Blog About Nothing. I found yours off the CRN, and I've added to my daily blog list! Cheers!

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