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Are runners selfish?

Are they? Are we?
Every runner seems to be keeping to himself/herself.

I've looked at about a dozen blogs on running, mostly running journals. They don't abound in comments...it's like other runners don't really care about anybody's progress but their own. Do runners ever read other people's blogs? Do they ever offer advice to the novices? Why this self-centeredness?

***Somehow, this pic of winter near the Mackinaw Bridge seems to illustrate my feelings better then 1000 words. It speaks of distance, coolness and indiference.

Runners are most definitely selfish. But if you look further, many of us did develop friendships with other bloggers, and we check up on each other practically every day. To bring attention to your own page you'd just have to come visit others and leave meaningful comments, like it's obvious you care, not just passing by:)
So to your question about cold throat and running. I used to live in NYC (where I started running with my first 5k, and yes, now I am an ultrarunner), and while it's not as cold as in Michigan, I remember I needed to learn how to breathe through the nose on those "below zero" days. You may want to try and suck on candy to get into this habit. Another option is to keep warm water near by, but for now, for short runs, just short breaths and warm milk after.

Thank you Olga...I don't know if you'll ever read this though:)))
I will definitely get some warm tea with me on the run.

I was just venting the other day...it's not that bad, I know. It was just an observation...

I have visited about a dozen blogs...and left comments (since I have little experience, what meaningful advice can I give:)))

You don't have a blog? There is none listed under your profile...

Anyway, thanx again for visiting.

I read it:)
Here is my blog.
It used to be training and racing reports, but I am injured now, ended my season and am going through a lot of family stuff, so now I am just rambling...

There ae all kinds of runners. Some friendly and some not so friendly. Some offer advice, some just lurk about gleaming whatever information you provide. I'm a bit of both it just depends on the time I have to explore when I really should be out running.

Hey there. First off, thanks for your comment on my blog. I replied to you there, too.

Second, not all runners are selfish. Well, not completely. :) Here in Houston we actually started a running social club called Houston Running Bloggers because we found a lot of us have blogs. It's been a great support system.

I think maybe people don't realize how many runners blog & they never think to search it like you did. Also, some people are "shy" when it comes to commenting on a stranger's blog. I, however, don't have that problem. :)

Keep on runnin' girl!

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