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3rd run

I ran again, this time at the Community Center. Just like Thursday. I ran slowly, on grass, at an even pace. It was ok…I felt short of breath a few times but managed to cope. Later in the run the muscles relaxed and I’d breathe easier.

I think I’ll always run at ~7pm, during that time of day when the light is sweet and calming.
I’ve pulled in the parking lot at sunset…there was a big sun, a red one..dipped in dark blue clouds. There was such peace, such sweetness around me..in the air. This time of day is almost mystical… When I was driving, surrounded by this beautiful, dying light, the word “zen” came to mind..

If on Thrusday I was able to run for about 13 minutes, on Sunday the best I could do were 10 minutes. Not because my legs or lungs hurt…but because of a very intense and sharp, localized pain in my stomach. I have no ideea what that was…maybe a muscle rebelling against running:) I eventually sat on a bench, listening to Bob Synclair’s “World, hold on,” until I felt better. The pain was practically gone. But I was too lazy to run again.

During the run, I remember looking at a tubby cat, playing in the tall grass below an alectriciy pole. I called her but she didn’t care…it seemed she had caught something, maybe a mouse. Later on I’ve seen a few guys playing soccer, on the big field bordered by the running trail.

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