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1st run

I have gone out of the house and let the rain drench me…

But I’ve gone on Trail #1! Yesss, through the woods, where I have discovered a short trail (the width of a car)..not very well kept but very pretty and… hidden. Unfortunately, it didn’t go all the way to the end…it’s pretty short. I had to turn back and start on the actual trail, bordering the road. It’s very narrow…and the WORLD was wet…I could hear the sandy earth, mixed with stones, being crunched under each step…Oh that rain!

At first I was out of breath with my lungs aching so gruesomly (begging me to stop). I started out pretty fast. Of course I slowed down after 1 min and then panted for some time..then walked, then ran again, at a more controlled pace. I tried to run whenever I didn’t feel that cruel pain/obstruction in my poor lungs. Eventually, almost when I had to turn back, I started feeling better. I was breathing easier, at full volume.

I must have looked like a miserable creature out there..with my wild-looking hair & pony tail, excessively red cheeks and the green parka, loosly tied around my waist and almost falling onto the ground. Not to mention that my cotton pants were soaked up to my knees, with some thorns and plants on them…Oh, and eventually my shoes became drenched, for I was jumping like a gazelle onto a large, green (now swampy) area.

It was fun. I stopped caring about my clothes, my body, my look…and eventually didn’t feel that dizzy anymore:))) I could actually concentrate and take in the view. I rested on the bridge, while the river run wild beneath…and it was muddy, chocolaty …and rain kept falling onto the surface…and I didn’t care. Stood there, felt the cold metal …and really felt like I was alone and didn’t have to be aware of anything else…

***Today, Wednesday, I bought a new pair of running pants. They’re 100% poliester…capri length. So I won’t get them wet, hopefully;)
Next I bought a pedometer/calorie counter/FM Radio…although after reading a few things online, may not be what I need (which is justa good oldfashioned stop watch). I’m content with my green poliester T-shirt (except for the color which does nothing to signal my presence in the woods or in the dark). I need some additional layer though, hopefully one in a bright color.

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