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The hardest thing is FINDING MOTIVATION. And keeping it.
I was tired of looking for it in books, magazines and other people...

I've decided to find MY reasons for MY running.


  • I feel sleepy and unmotivated. No adrenaline rush due to mountain hiking or beach walking anymore. Time for something new, that will get my heart PUMPING!

  • I DON’T think I can do it. I know myself…I have no discipline. I like new things but then get bored and throw them away. Them toys;) So I don’t think I can keep myself motivated. Why running and not swimming? What makes running different? Won’t I get bored once settled into a routine? Won’t I feel CRAPPY in the morning, all muscles sore…barely able to wake up and get dressed? All these are tied to NO DISCIPLINE. Why? No repercussions. Nobody to answer to but myself (and God).

  • It won’t take up THAT much time, as I try to use as an excuse. For the beginners program, it’s just 10-30 min/day, 3 days/week. IS IT A BIG DEAL????????????? No, compared to the TONS of daily wasted time. Just have to move. That’s all. It doesn’t matter that I’m not dressed well, that my hair is not perfect, that it rains, that it’s cold(er)…Whatever I put on will work just fine. I’m not climbing Denali, for Pete’s sake!

  • What a nice occasion to dress like a runner! And feel like a sports person:) Cool…I can try on some shiny gear. I’ll buy a stop watch.

  • I need to reiterate: I REALLY feel sleepy...Need to get that energy way up, as it used to be when I wasn’t confined to my cute-looking cubicle (I’m serious, it’s nice…with all those vacation pictures, taken in the mountains…on the beaches).

  • STOP whining and feeling sorry (for myself) that summer is over…like that would mean everything stops now…I can do almost everything-run, walk, admire flowers, trees, the river..shop, go clubbing, get phone numbers, dress well…It’s just going to be a bit different. Plus, I love the night! The NIGHT is YOUNG! Not in a shakespearean sense…but because I am young, clubs and bars and restaurants and houses are full of young…

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  • I'm Exam-exam-exam
  • From Michigan, United States
  • I've attempted running for a while...now It's cold in Michigan so I'm taking a break from it. However, there's another MILESTONE I'm "training" for: the big EXAM
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