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5th,6th run

My mom came too..
We each went our separate ways...I wanted to follow my training schedule.
So I walked for 5 min up to a big fence-the end of the Western part of th trail and the begining of someone's yard...and then I turned around and started running. I run and run East..and it suddenly started raining. Not too much in the beginning, so I continued my run...evetually it started pouring decadently...an idecent, cold and sinister autumn rain...September rain that felt like the touch of Death, depressing my spirit, taking away my space, with its long and hysterical water drops. At this moment, I had already turned North on the trail...and could see a group of parents quickly disassemblying a large cart full of goodies-drinks and free food. My mom would later tell me that she had passed them too, when it wasn't raining yet...and that she kind of wanted to get a taste of the food (there was some type of Harvest festival going on). She didn't...she continued her walk and was close to the car when that BIG RAIN started. She would wait for me about 6 minutes until I made it to the car -a poor looking creature, soaked and red-cheeked..and annoyed that she couldn't finish the run.
Total running time ~10minutes.


I went runnig at sunset again. This time is was just cold...but one could see a beautiful, rich-colored sun sinking in the cloud blanket below. Let us dip the end of the day in red and violet!
I RUN THE WHOLE 1.25 mile circuit!!!! Hurray!

I didn't plan on it but it happened. I started slowly and kept going and going like the pink you-know-what:) I was a bit sad...thinking of him again...of how it all happened..of how I couldn't believe that much time had passed...I was listening to the beautiful, sexy "Love Song," by Missez. Boy you make me wanna sing you a love song..

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