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7th run

Yes, my 7th.

I'm proud that I've made it this far. Didn't think I'd stick with it for 3 weeks.

This was a superb night! A superb run! A majestic, dark-blue, starry NIGHT that felt young and deep. I felt sucked in by all this...NATURE. It was a contagious beauty.

Again, I walked ~5min, from the parking lot to the Western side of the trail (which is of a trapezoidal shape). The sun had already set but there was still a light show going on below the clouds. I barely convinced myself to turn my back to it and start running.

I was planning on going the whole 1.25 miles again. I paced myself quite well...didn't feel tired...wasn't dizzy either...After more than half the distance, I passed the Northern entrance of the recreation Center Library and was suddenly faced with the immensity of the dark blue sky..full of bright, sparkling stars. It was all...trembling, almost breathing...that huge night was consuming itself while irresistibly putting on a vast show for us runners..."the night would die of consumption," I thought. It is trying too hard to be beautiful..to get noticed! And what was up with that surreal-looknig quarter moon, so...yellow and so...fairy-tale-like?
I was listening to "Love Song" again...but strangely thinking about someone else...actually the person that had inspired me to run. Before him, I haven't met anybody that really run:) I was impressed with his determination...and I have also seen his results. Wow.. Yeah, so now I found myself thinking about him...I couldn't say why (except for the fact that it gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling:) Yep..but it went away later...

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