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What did I do to this blog?

I'm changing the focus of this blog from running to the EXAM .
The deadline is Feb 12, 2007.
-2 months-
  • I currently have 2 books that I'm supposed to go through..both from Kaplan (which prides itself to be the best for this kind of test). I've devided the first one into Math & English then subdivided everything into chapters.
  • This week, Dec 11-17, I set my goal to cover all Math (4 chapters).
  • Then, the goal is to take one full practice exam on Saturday (3 3/4 hours?).

Now...I've set the goal alright...but it's already Tuesday and I haven't strated on the problems for the first chapter, "Problem Solving" (50 problems). I seem to be either lazy or unmotivated. I need almost 2 hours to go through them. I shouldn't feel the pressure just yet. There IS time! Time..is on my side/Yes it is! :)

***I shouldn't forget that if I finish 1 book in 2 weeks...then I have ALL the time in the world to finess anything that needs finessing. I can actually think about having a margin for error (1 extra week).

***I really have to move my a__ and study in December! I'll feel so much better knowing I have done so much already:)

***Lol, my biggest issue is stress:). I'd rather (unconsciously) not think about the BIG EXAM then take small, baby steps...sweet, calming, good steps towards studying for it. IT'S ONE STEP at a time.

So how did the exam go? I hope it went well, and I hope you are returning to your running soon. If you get a chance, please visit my running web site, Faithful Soles. I have a categorized and searchable Running Blog Database on there and would appreciate it if you would link your blog to it. I also have my own blog, but most of my information is on the main web site. Thanks and continued good luck in your training.

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