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Back to running

I will run today. I can't wait..I am REALLY missing it.

I will try to stay away from asphalt surfaces and run on grass. No tilting forward...I will stretch before and after ( with some Bikram yoga...hehe...while all exercises look beautiful, some are quite unattainable for me right now in terms of flexibility:)

Later on I'll keep moving -on the dance floor, baby! Isn't that the best workout ever? Dancing for 2 hours straight:)

--PS: I've been slacking at both running and studying for the exam. My bad. Tomorrow -50 problems

How did the run go? How's the back?

Hi Olga, I did go running..it felt great. And because I run on grass I didn't have any back pain...so all was good. I'll go out running again hopefully today.

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Hi Kris.

Finally got to look through your blogs today. Wow, a literary genius as well as a jogger! Never seen such discriptive writing. Puts my site to shame. Must at least add a couple of pics now.

I saw your link to coolrunning.com, thats where i downloaded my schedule from, what program are u following. I'm bloody jealous as well. 1.5 miles after 3 weeks. I was still at running 3 minutes and then taking a breather by that stage. Mind you at 18 stone i may have had a bit more of a reason for this.

Whatever happens, stick with it. It hurts like hell to start with but definately gets easier.


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