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Sweet thoughts..

I've been running a bit, but really not pushing myself. I guess I am not used to bad weather running. I am more into bad weather couch-potatoing;)))), a habit that I struggle to give up.

I find myself thinking about an Energizer Bunny..but just occasionally... who knows where he is? Maybe flying to some distant corner of the US..maybe partying with a stranger (who's never gonna be more than a stranger), late at night, in a bar somewhere...shining, as usual...

Yesterday I studied a bit...it seemed to go fine (as in "too easy"), which is deceiving. The exam is 3 months away.

***At least I caught up with other people's blogs--always nice, interesting and adventurous lectures for the bored and blue spirit.

Hi Kris, how's it going.
Good to see that you're still managing to get out now and again. tick with it, the benefits are just over the next hill! What's the weather like out you're way. The UK's unusually warm. Its normally raining and cold about now but i've been out working in shorts and T so cannot be all bad!
Let us know where you at with the running.


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